All FAQs

All FAQs


This explains how to update your profile. We encourage all users to do this. It makes it a lot easier to recognize and distinguish each other on the forum.

1. Click on "Profile" tab in the top menu.


2. Select "Edit" at the top right of your profile page.


3. Select "Edit" + "Update Your Profile".


On this page you can edit your details by choose from the 4 headings; Contact Info, Canvas, Portrait (Avatar) and Signatur. Remember to press "Update" before proceeding to the next one.



To start a chat, you must be connected to the user you want to chat with. You can send a connection invitation from the "Privat Messages" page at the top right just below the e-ppg logo. Once he has accepted your request, you are connected to each other.

There are several ways to send a private message. One way is to click at the icon below a user's avatar.