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TOPIC: DIY motor - Joint project

DIY motor - Joint project 1 year 6 days ago #700

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Hi guys. During the last week I have been thinking about a new joint project. I have no idea whether it is realistic to execute or not. This forum is still relatively new and although the site already has a lot of visitors, we are still "just" under 100 registered members... and only a few are actually active. But still, let me share the idea with Y'all.

How about designing the "perfect" E-PG / E-PPG motor as a joint project. Personally, I think the "perfect" E-PG / E-PPG motor already exists. But for a DIY guy like myself, I think it's too expensive. BTW: This is not an attempt to "destroy" the market for professional manufacturers. I strongly believe they have their place, but a few of us DIY folks who love (and have the ability) to mess with things ourselves, a much cheaper DIY motor could be interesting.

The basic idea is to make it a genuine open source project as both private and professional manufacturers are welcome to use. Including all available source data, CAD files etc. Once the design is complete and the prototype works as desired, it should be made available to all. If a handful of people can collaborate and get parts made, I think it can be done cheaply. The more, the cheaper.

Here's my suggestion for motor specs:

200 mm. pancake design (Large motor diameter provides greater power for turning a standard PPG prop)
15 kW
15S / 18S = 55.5 volt / 66.6 volt
45 or 50 KV (Aiming for 2700 to 2900 RPM which is standard for almost any traditional PPG props)

The "rim" could be made of carbon tubing which are already available on the marked = www.alibaba.com/product-detail/large-od-...ber_60594136551.html

My strong suit is designing things and I have made a first sketch of how it could look like. But I need help (a lot) designing the "guts" of the engine. Rotor design, which magnets to use and how many. Which winding materials etc. My knowledge is limited in this area. But tell me how and I can design and draw it ;-)

My preliminary question: Is there any interest at alle in such a project... and do we have enough combined knowledge in this community to execute such a project?

Regards - Bo Gamba

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CEO - G-Air
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DIY motor - Joint project 1 year 6 days ago #701

Did you see this video?

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Rodrigo Medeiros from Brazil
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DIY motor - Joint project 1 year 5 days ago #713

Hi Bo , we must be of the same mindset good buddy as I have been thinking about how to convert a fischer Paykel Washing machine motor for use as Paramotor.. the guys in the DIY wind generator forums love this motor as there are a few around and easy enough to rewire , the ferrite magnets that come with this motor are nt up to the job we would require , But it strikes me that the Lamination stack could be rewound to and a new Rotor hub similar to your design could allow us to build such a unit ,, my job At Ametek aerospace involves making motor for landing gear actuators and various other project so I have access to some clever guys ( albeit very busy) that may be able to offer some insight into whats needed to make this Dream Unit..

one of the guys here already bought a motor from E-bay and rewound it as generator configuration I made the Hub and stator mount for him but used the original rotor , will take picture on Monday when back at work .

I believe a guy called Pierre Renwault ?? he's on u tube did some work years ago , so im sure there is some mileage in this ..

Im trying to get the Clever Guys to run the motor through their design Software ( But they are busy and its a Favour so cant really push it, but been looking at net to see if there was some sort of simulation program available ( Free LOL ) that would allow Simulation of various magnets . Winding turns , rotor Sizes ..

Great idea you have proposed and I for one would like to help out in any way possible .. I fall consider myself to fall into the category of it's more fulfilling if I can make it myself and learn something along the way school of DIY :-) Cheers Bo
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DIY motor - Joint project 11 months 4 weeks ago #736

This is a really interesting idea... but I can’t help thinking that with the commercial increase in large drone manufacturers a suitable motor must be already out there somewhere

Bu5 still I listen with interest :-)

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