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TOPIC: Eone Details and Update ?

Eone Details and Update ? 1 month 1 day ago #538

I am wondering if there is an update to the "Eone" ?
The website g-air.eu says "ready for delivery Summer 2017", however the summer is almost over... ?

Also: why is it that you are using a belt drive, instead of direct drive? The advantage with electric motors is that the torque and power is the same throughout the whole RPM range. With slower RPM you can also use a propeller with a stronger pitch and get the same thrust. When using slower RPM, the noise should be less.
Or you forget about the belt drive (for RPM reduction) and use a propeller with a lesser pitch and still have the same thrust ?

Curious to hear your answer.

I am interested in building my own electric paramotor, but I would like to opt for a direct drive (propeller connected directly to the motor)

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Eone Details and Update ? 1 month 16 hours ago #539

Yes, the Eone should have been ready, but we are having trouble finding free time on the CNC machines to make the parts. Keep in mind that the Eone is a hobby project and our "real" customers have first priority and it has been cracy busy after the holidays. Sorry !

Regarding the direct drive question. The simple answer can be answered with another question. Why does traditional paramotors use reduction gear. Prop and motor must fit and is a challenge to finde the perfect balance. A large propeller with few RPM provides much more trust than a small propeller with many RPM. To use a direct drive system, you need a motor with fewer RPM and much more torque. This is done by increasing the diameter of the motor itself. These motors already exist but they are very expensive. Therefore, Eone uses a much cheaper standard motor with a gear so it can use a 125cm. propeller.

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Eone Details and Update ? 4 weeks 2 days ago #541

Hey Bo.. that's very nice and concise answer to that question.
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